Overnachten in bed and breakfast Claeswael in Klaaswaal

Behoefte aan rust en ruimte?

Information for our international guests

Hello! And welcome to our website about a beautiful stay at our guesthouse.  

We are a family of 4, Michiel and Ninotsjka (Notsj) and our 2 children of 20 and 18 years old. We have a ton of pets to take care of and love the outdoor life! 

We speak fluent Dutch, fluent English, in German and French we do our best :-)

We are located near the city of Rotterdam and located in a very unique green area with water, woods and wide views across the Dutch fields. In our area there are old mills nearby as well as tulipfields during the season.

We offer a guest accomodation in our large garden, a fully equiped house for 4-5 persons. The inside of the house is built like a loft/studio, with a cosy living space, kitchen and dining area, 2 single downstairs beds and 2 single beds upstairs. The garden and terrace space gives you a feel of quietness and zen-mode! The house is in our backyard on a 90 meter walk from our own home so you have full privacy!  

The house has a bathroom with shower and toilet. Towels and bedlinnen are provided for you!
In the kitchen you find a refrigerator and microwave, dishwasher and a stove. Feel free to prepare your own breakfast or tea or we can fix it for you.
Coffee and tea is present and free for use at the accomodation. 

Breakfast € 12,50 pppd.

Craving for pizza? 

We offer fresh home made pizza, which you prepare yourself in our garden in the Ooni pizza oven. It's a wood fired pizza oven. We provide fresh home made dough with all fresh ingedrients, such as tomatosauce, herbs, toppings. 

Price pp: € 19,50. Please let us know 1 day ahead if you would like to use the pizza oven! 

We hope to meet you soon! 

Nous espérons vous rencontrer bientôt! 

Wir hoffen, Sie bald zu treffen!